Sprites sometimes shows and sometimes not...?

Good evening!

I have a problem I can’t figure out…

I have a background sprite which doesn’t do anything (no movement going on). When I test the scene (with the background sprite) on an iPad and iPhone it will show properly the first time. But when I replay the scene the sprite all off a sudden has disappeared. When I play the scene a third time, it shows well on iPad but won’t show on the iPhone. So it seems the sprite is randomly shown or not…does anybody know what the problem is…?!

Thanks in advance for answering. Cheers!


Good day.

How do you have configured them in inspector? All sprites have a Sprite Renderer Component, with a variable called “Order in Layer” in the inspector.

This way you can config what sprites must be rendered over other sprites, (like moving the distance from the camera, but without moving them)

So check the Order in LAyer of each sprite and decide what goes in fromnt and what goes i back.