Sprites vs 3D in 2D platformer game

Hello, I haven’t got any experience in gamedev, so can anybody tell me why should we use sprites when creating 2D platformers in Unity? I mean, let’s take for example classic Mario. We can just create this game in 3D and make everything moving in x and y axis, instead of making sprites for all characters. And if we use toon shader, for me, there’s no difference between sprite animation and 3D animation. Or maybe modern android devices will work too slow if we don’t use sprites? And our “3D” 2D platformer will eat lots of mobile resources…or not?

Sprites are typically just easier to work with, and less taxing on the system. Also, when it comes to mobile games, you really need to be careful which kinds of shaders you pick, as they may or may not be compatible, or they may take too much memory/processor time (such as shaders with multiple draw calls).

Sprites are also easier to draw/animate, for most people, and thus they are usually the weapon of choice for the aspiring 2D developer.

That is not to say that 3D side-scrollers can’t look better, or can’t perform at all, just that they are typically more difficult, and less efficient.