SQL Connection security (Android)

Hello everyone, recently i’ve been developing an app for android, and it’ll have a connection with a SQL server.
The connection has not been made yet, however i read in many forums that connecting unity to the SQL server is a bad idea due to security issues.

In the case of an android app, is this still a scurity problem?
The app will be used just by people of th company i work for.
The app will accept inputs from the users, and get information from the database.
I don’t think it is an app worth hacking, as it’s simple stuff made only to help co-wokers with their doubts.

Should i worry about connecting to the SQL at all?

Turns out it is worth having a security to connect to simple app like this, as anyone can download it from the playstore and maybe make an injection on my database.
I’ve been searching for mehods to connect it using Json files.
I highly reccomend LitJson.