SQL Data Explorer error message "No data has been submitted for this environment"

In SQL Data Explorer, whenever I run any query I come across the message “No data has been submitted for this environment” and I have enough number of events showing up the Event Browser. Below are the screenshots explaining the issue I'm facing:
9028336--1245904--SQL_Data_Explorer_Issue_2.png 9028336--1245907--SQL_Data_Explorer_Issue_6.png 9028336--1245910--SQL_Data_Explorer_Issue_3.png 9028336--1245913--SQL_Data_Explorer_Issue_4.png 9028336--1245916--SQL_Data_Explorer_Issue_5.png

Could somebody please help me resolve this issue? Thank you!

Hi @simranalitmu ,

Thanks for reaching out to the support team! For data to be queryable in the SQL Data Explorer, you must wait for it to be processed. The Event Browser is a near real-time representation of your data being collected, however, it usually takes a little longer for it to reach your tables which can be queried.

I see that you sent this on Monday (May 22), can you double-check to see if the data is now coming through?