SQL Datatbase problem in built application


I’m trying to solve a problem with database connection. I have database created on localhost and I use XAMPP as manager.

When I use connection in Unity, I connect normally. In table “players” I have username and password for login. In Unity, Logging in will pass normaly, when I build the game, i can’t.

I can add any code, but I hope that somewhere is some theory about it. Some options in Build settings, but I didn’t find anything.

Sorry for my english & thanks for answer :wink:

if you are using webplayer as your build im guessing this is the reason


I solved it. I “googled” for 2 hours to find it, but it was useful. It was some problem with 2 .dll files. If you don’t use azbuka, chineese symbols, etc. you must have only i18n.dll and i18n.west.dll. If you need to symbols noticed above, you must include I18N.CJK.dll(China,Japan,Korea) too. Just add it to Asset folder.

But thanks for answer :wink:

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