SQLite and Unity

Is anyone using SQLite and able to confirm that it works in builds on all platforms?

Users were reporting problems with integration using C# and problems in builds on Vista in this thread - Was that fixed in 2.6?

Are there any good alternatives to SQLite? (No, I don't want to use PlayerPrefs for this :])

Are you strictly interested in databases, or simply better data storage? We have not tried integrating with SQLite, but simply store data on a webserver. That obviously is not an option if you need to store data locally.

If you aren't interested in a database, but just data storage, you could always write data files to disk using C# FileIO libraries. With plugins, this can be extended to work on the iPhone, as well as natively on Mac / Win using system save dialogue screens I think - with a non-trivial amount of effort.

However, just writing and reading some basic files to disk from a standalone is pretty simple.

Maybe someone else has more specific knowledge of SQLite?

Try this link: http://www.sapethemape.com/2008/06/unity3d-sqlite-visualization/

I assume you’re using Unity iOS basic, or not? If you are, there is no way to reply to what you’re asking [If someone knows really good online example (for iPhone/Android) that can do the above] because there is no way to do it without having you and your coder going nuts. If you’re interested in a commercial solution, look for MonoSQLite, it makes it plain and simple. bye!