SQLite crashes on Mac


I code a helper class and it works fine in Windows, lately, I put my project to Mac and it throw EntryPointNotFoundException:sqlite3_column_origin_name when call SqliteDataAdapter.Fill(). I have copied Mono.Data.Sqlite and System.Data to project folder.

Any help? Thank you!

public DataTable Q(string sql){	
		try {
			DataTable _dt= new DataTable();
			_cmd= _conn.CreateCommand();
			_da = new SqliteDataAdapter(_cmd);	
			return _dt;		
		} catch (Exception ex) {			
			return null;

Finally, after days struggle, the best solution is leave DataTable alone, just return SqliteDataReader instead, everything will just fine.

For those who get into this, I suggest edit you code asap if you can manage, it’s much easier than compile various version of sqlite and find it doesn’t work at last :slight_smile: