SQLite, MySQL or other database for single player game with 100,000s of rows?

I’m making a single player game which needs to store a good amount of data. I want to store rows with 15-20 columns of various types. I will be looking at minimum tens of thousands of rows, probably hundreds of thousands. Ideally I’d like to be able to have millions of rows, but if the DB can handle it I suspect I will find other performance bottlenecks. I’ll need to query and write to the database fairly infrequently (minimum 30 second between queries) but I will need to alter at least one column in every row.

I have virtually no backend experience, just what little I learned in school. I’ve started to setup a SQLite database in Unity but now I find myself questioning whether it will be good enough, or if MySQL or some other DB would be better.

For anyone else that might wonder about this, I’ve set up a SQLite database and done some testing, as well as done some more research. The short and sweet, which fits with my test results, is this quote from the SQLite website:

"For device-local storage with low writer concurrency and less than a terabyte of content, SQLite is almost always a better solution. SQLite is fast and reliable and it requires no configuration or maintenance. It keeps thing simple. SQLite “just works”. "