SQLite warning. "Unable to open a .db file. Check external application preferences"

Hi! I want to make a SQLite database following this steps:


But after I put all the proper files in “plugins” folder, I receive this warning:

“Unable to open Assets/Plugins/QuestionDatabase.db: Check external application preferences.”

Here I show you what I have in the folder:


The “QuestionDatabase” folder is the db. file. Apparently I cannot open the db file from Unity when I clicking in it, but I can open it if I open the SQLite Browser and open that db.file from it. BTW, the database script I have this line:

“string conn = “URI=file:” + Application.dataPath + “/Plugins/QuestionDatabase.db”; //Path to database.”

It’s not really a problem, because as I said, I can open the file from the SQLite browser, but I would like to eliminate the warning, what can I do? Thanks!

Maybe try to put the database itself in the assets folder rather than the plugins folder?