SSI Gold Box/Divine Divinity perspective?

Is it possible to achieve a 45 degree SSI Gold Box/Divine Divinity perspective by futzing with the camera matrix? Ideally, I’d like to achieve this with both isometric and perspective cameras so I can visually compare them to see which I end up liking better. I did fiddle with this a bit on my own, but all I could manage was to get a flat shearing that resembled looking down upon a 2D drawing. The vertical surfaces didn’t actually stand up from the floor.

Through googling and a couple hours of random trial and error, I managed this. Seems to work for a perspective camera, although you have to position the camera high and to the right to compensate. All the camera rotations are zero. The camera is pretty far away, too, with a 10 degree fov.

camera.projectionMatrix.m02 += -1.8;
camera.projectionMatrix.m12 += -5.9;