Stabilising particle motion in rotating world

Hello. I’m struggling to do something that seems fairly simple.

I have two things that spit particles at each other at a constant rate. I move the particles like this:

particles_.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(particles*.position, targetObj.transform.position, particleSpeed);*_

They should move in a straight line:
But when I rotate the objects via their common parent node, the particles curve:
I don’t want them to curve, I want them to move in a straight line no matter how fast the world is spinning. Is this possible? What am I missing? Thanks!

Well for starters on screen you see exactly what you coded.
The particles start of in a certain direction and because you move the objects, the particles get a new destination. To go towards this new location they curve.

Now how to solve this.
If you really want to move them in a straight line.
Don’t move the objects, move the world (or camera).