Stack Trace returns null ?? wtf with my unity today?

Here is my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class handler : MonoBehaviour {
	private string stack;
	private string message;
	void Start()
	void OnGUI ()
		if (GUILayout.Button("Log something"))
			Debug.LogError("Blablabla: "+Random.value.GetHashCode().ToString() + "


		GUILayout.TextArea(message + stack);
	void LogHandler(string Message, string Stack, LogType type)
		stack 	= Stack;
		message = Message;

The question is: Why in editor it works fine, but compiled version → not.
I mean that when i click play button in unityeditor, stack returned is not null:

But compiled:

Check the “development build” box in your Build Settings. Just be sure to clear that box before you build your shippable binary!

There’s no reason for Debug statements to work in a release build. It’s a release build. There’s no situation in which an end-user should see your debug information.

If you want to circumvent this sanity check, you’ll need to implement your own stack tracing - not difficult, just time-consuming. You’d have to tell it every time you enter a function (or write some kind of invasive sniffer to watch your code as it executes).

thanx for reply, but it’s already cleaned, i made a simple project represents this bug (thing) from main project, any ideas ?: