Stacked Cameras not rendering in builds (working in Editor) (Unity 2021.3.16f1)

Hey everyone !
I'm scratching my head over something weird. I'm using URP, and stacking 2 Cameras :

The Base one is an Ortographic camera, no Post Process enabled, rendering most of the layers.
On top of that, I'm stacking a Perspective Camera, rendering a few other layers. This has been working for more than a year now.

But for some reasons, now that I'm trying to build the game again, the stacked cameras is randomly not working in the builds, when everything is fine in the Editor.

The weirdest thing is that if I browse the game's menus to load the scene when using a Controller, this is just doing ok. Again, nothing changed on that side for months.

I used a lot of logs, and I made sure that everything is at the correct world position, the callbacks are happening in the right order etc.

I'm really confused here, and I'm really starting to think that this is a bug. Has anyone suffered from this kind of strange behaviours lately ?

Thank you !

I had the same issue in the project I'm working on. I managed to fix it by changing Blit type from Always to Auto.