Stacking iTween.MoveTo calls

Hi guys i need your help.

I need my script to wait until iTween.MoveTo() ends before procedeing to the next line of code. I want to execute 2 or more iTween.MoveTo subsequently.

Like this:

        iTween.MoveTo(tile.gameObject, iTween.Hash("position", destination1, "time", 2f));

        //here goes the code for waiting X seconds (2 seconds in this case) so next tween can take over

        iTween.MoveTo(tile.gameObject, iTween.Hash("position", destination2, "time", 2f));

In this case, second iTween call kills the first one. I cant use delay property nor path property, i have theese iTween.MoveTo calls all over the place it wold be too big of a task to calculate the path and the delays.

I tryed coroutines with yield without sucess (did not understad the concept yet but i followed instructions). It would be cool if i could make a “wrapper” for iTween.MoveTo
which would have property like “finished” so i could go like


Hope u can help.

Got it answered here: