Stand alone startup dialog styling.

Hi All,

I’m searching for a way to style the Startup (resolution) dialog box for a stand alone version. I thought this would be easy and i’m really baffled that I can’t find any helpfull articles…

Very strange to me, because the startup dialog is ugly! It’s the first thing your players will see, so this should look amazing IMHO!

I know how to add a banner, but I also want to change the color or even better create my own window.

Here a post from eddy11ro:

This is exactly what i want, but i’m a C# beginner and dont know where to begin?
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


You need a 2D engine like NGUI, DF-GUI or 2D toolkit to do this. There are also some good dialog systems on the asset store that you might be interested in.

I’m not sure how he’s doing that but an easy way to solve your problem would be to disable that menu completely and write your own as part of the initial scene. It can be as pretty and with as many settings/options as you like.