I'm getting random crashes on a standalone build, here are two of them, do these have something to do with ProfilerRecorder? I don't use it in any of my code.. and the editor doesn't throw any errors.. but the build crashes often.
Unity 2021.3.4f1 (Windows - IL2CPP build)



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Hi @SniperED007 !

Do you use by any chance Recorder ? The callstack points potentially to the domain reload cleanup or thread cleanup where finalizers kick in and potentially the recorder instance was already disposed :eyes:
This looks like a bug that needs fixing

I do use Recorder to record videos in the editor, but considering it can't be used in the Standalone Build it probably is some bug with that.
My issue was caused from calling SetDirty() on the UniversalRendererData every frame.
Once I changed that to only call it when needed it stopped the crashing.