Standalone Build Problem [Linux/Mac]

Hi everyone,

I’m on the verge of releasing a game of mine, and I’d like to make it as much accessible.

But I’m currently having problems doing a linux and mac build on windows.
I’m pretty sure the easiest way would be to make the builds on said machines,
but I never used any of those 2 platforms before and neither do I have access
to them right now.

So for linux I got as far as making a .gz.tar file. It did work for one person, but
a friend of mine is having a CIL image error.(So I don’t really know if it’s only his pc
or the build since it did work for someone else.)

As for mac only one person tried it and said :" I get an error message saying that it
may be damaged or incomplete"

So I was wondering if it was possible to make a Mac and Linux build on windows,
if so, does anyone have some tips or solution?

For linux, you can run it yourself using a live cd / live usb or a virtual machine using virtualbox. There’s plenty of tutorials out there, have a look on google or youtube.

A common problem on linux is not using the right architecture for your linux installation (ex, running a 64bit game on a 32bit system). You can grab both a 32 and a 64bit ubuntu system, set it up on a usb key and live boot on it so you can test it yourself. If you plan to do this often, you may also install it as a second boot (extra caution should be taken so you don’t overwrite your windows installation) :wink: If your game does not require very high graphics and resources, a virtual machine should be ok instead.

For mac, you can also run it in a virtual machine , but it’s harder. You can also run MacOs on a pc (that’s called hackintosh) but in both cases, it’s not recommanded and or not officially legal. I guess people will tell you to get a mac if you plan making a lot of games and if you want to test it yourself.

At last, I recommend you to read the logs or ask the people that runs your game to send you the logs from your game. Have a look at the player section here:

Logs should provide you with details on where to look in your code and or what may be causing this.

There are also a few services that allow you to receive stacktraces or crash reports online. I personally used Fabric from twitter for mobile apps which is quite cool and useful, maybe you can find an equivalent for desktop apps and games.

Good luck!