standalone does not use newest scripts

i have a big problem to build a standalone-player with all the functions from my scripts.

i did select my scene with 'add current' in the standalone-dialog. And of course i saved my project and the scene, and reload unity and reload the scene and so on. but if i want to 'build and run' the actual version, everything is fine but the latest scripts arent working.

is there a cache-folder??? or is it a bug? a very bad bug if it is so....

thanx for your help..

thanx for all the answers i hope and think its a little stupid thing but i cant solve it ;)

@SpikeX yes, i allow time!

@spinaljack i will test it! to your second part: in the Editor (Playing the Game) everything is fine.

@Ashkan because you said compiler i have an idea: maybe (iam not sure at all) all those problem-scripts are compiled with unity2.6 and copied into a V2.5 project via 'Show in Explorer' at another computer!? But in the Editor of Unity (Playing the Game) every script is working!