Standalone problem with cursor

Hey, I added this script to my game and built in in standalone pc format but I can't get my cursor visible when I push escape or P... anyone maybe knows why? do I haft to do something more than just add the script?

Do I haft to do something in Input Manager?

private var shouldPause : boolean = false; private var isPaused : boolean = true;

function Update () {

if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape) || Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.P)) {
    shouldPause = !shouldPause ;

if(!shouldPause && isPaused ) {
    Screen.lockCursor = true;
    Time.timeScale = 1;
    isPaused = true;
else if(shouldPause && !isPaused) {
    Screen.lockCursor = false;
    Time.timeScale = 0;
    isPaused = false;
else if(!Screen.lockCursor && !shouldPause) {
    shouldsPause = true;


You neglected to put code to actually show and hide the cursor. Locking the cursor locks it in it's place and does that only. Use this code somewhere to show your cursor:

Screen.showCursor = true;

And when you want to hide it again...

Screen.showCursor = false;

Hope this helps!

Do I haft to go to Input Manager and do something?