Standard Assets and other extensions not showing up in editor

I am not able see some of the standard assets scripts in the Unity editor under the component menu anymore. I am also having the same problem with extensions such as Mega-Fiers, Stumpy Shader Editor, etc. This is odd as I can see them in the project view.

To give a bit more information, I am using 3.4 Pro with external source control (Subversion). When I try importing the above standard assets and extensions into a new project, everything is fine. I’m not sure what could be going wrong here.

Any ideas would be appreciated as this is driving me crazy!

Reimport All will probably “fix” the problem. You’d probably like to find the cause though…

So I just banged my head against the wall until went to bed and woke up with the solution.

(This happens when you close the project with any errors) 1. Find any and all errors in script. 2. Disable the scripts with the errors for the time being. 3. Run the scene even though none of the assets are there. 4. Stop the project. 5. Bingo-Bango, the stuff all returns to your menu and you can re-enable the borked script.

Tested this twice without fail.