Standard Assets Mobile for Unity 5?

OK this may be a really simple and obvious question / answer, but where can I find the Standard Assets Mobile package to use with Unity 5?
I’m looking for the prefabs to create a FPS view on a mobile device.


I think that the Standard Assets (mobile) have been merged with standard assets in the recent releases of Unity. I’ve been searching for these myself but, as tanoshimi has stated, you can access the functionality from the CrossPlatformInput assets. There is probably some differences in functionality compared to the standard assets (mobile) prefabs. I would look at the readme file contained in those asset folders and search the forums for “CrossPlatformInput” to get a better idea of what to do. There are also some really good prefabs available on the asset store that I’m looking at possibly buying.

I am not sure what your questions is. Unity can produce executables across platforms. So what works in general, should also work for mobile devices. If you want to search any particular asset, visit the Unity Asset Store.

Unity has a cross-platform input manager that provides prefabs for common mobile controls (dual touch, joystick etc.), which you can import into your project. Assets → Import Package → CrossPlatformInput.

Looking through the code, you should simply drag the prefab into your scene and it will provide an interface to update the relevant Horizontal/Vertical input axes, so that it will then work with any standard controller. However, having just tried it myself on my Android tab, I couldn’t get it to work initially, so there may be some setup required.

This tutorial shows the use of the Mobile assets which I’m talking about…

as you can see, there are drag and drop prefabs for fps (and other) controllers for mobile devices, which is perfect for someone like me, who isn't a programmer, and relatively new to Unity to understand, implement and use.

@tanoshimi can u please send some links for that, i m not at all finding tutorial on unity utility