Standard Assets (Mobile).unityPackage (Unity for Mac)

Hi, I’m new here and want to build a new game.

What’s the purpose of the “Standard Assets (Mobile).unityPackage”?

For which mobile devices exactly is this suitable?

If I would use the “Standard Assets (Mobile).unityPackage” for building a game, can this be used then on mobile devices ONLY or can it be used on Macs too?

Do I HAVE TO use the “Standard Assets (Mobile).unityPackage” if I want to make a game for mobile devices or are this just additions/extensions?

Many thanks!

The Standard Assets (Mobile) package is mainly needed to take advantage of the touchscreen available on the iOS and Android devices. The equivalent assets for desktop platforms use keystrokes or joysticks for input and are not suitable for mobile devices. However, you don’t need to use the mobile standard assets for every mobile game.