Standard ragdoll insufficient for standard model?

I downloaded one of the free characters from the Asset Store and attached a ragdoll to it, but the character itself is designed with way more joints than what is available in the ragdoll.

So is there any easy fix to this ?

The “wizard” is just a time-saver. You can always hand-edit the ragdoll. Peek at what it made and see how the joints are set up, for a reference. Then just add a rigidbody, collider and charJoint to feet bones, tails, extra arms… anything the wizard skipped, or hand-adjust settings on what it did make.

I’ve ragdolled simple humans completely by adding components, no wizard at all, and it works fine. There no special sauce it adds to 100% wizard built ones.

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Unless you have access to the original character file (3ds, maya, blender, etc.), it’s not possible to delete joints from the character before import.
In any manner, since the ragdoll wizard addresses many fundamental bones, it should be ok to ragdoll a more complex character (as long as its bones are a non fundamental ‘subset’ of the basic ‘t-based’ character).

The problem is that after adding all the bones correctly the character stands like he just went into limbo.

The additional bones are the bottom of his feet, wrists and some neck and spine joints.
So I guess this character is too complex for the simple ragdoll?

Why is it given away in the free asset store if it doesn’t really fit with unity?
Is there any way to create a new ragdoll with more joints?

A bit late to chime in, but can be useful for others: what you’re experiencing is most certainly related to the ‘SKIN’ of the mesh.
All game models must be ‘RIGGED’ and ‘SKINNED’ to be properly animated or ragdolled.

To simplify, if your character has no animations, chances are that it has no ‘ARMATURE’ nor ‘BONES’ which are the fundamental objects that any animation needs to be played.

Check out our ragdoll tool!_Ultimate_Ragdoll_Generator and try to use it on your model. If it gives you an armature error, then you’ll need to get that model rigged and skinned (the incoming version of the tool will do this automatically)