Standard Shader 2-sided


Is possible to use unity 5 standerd shader (than PBR) with double-sided render?
I mean removing face culling.

If yes, it will work with full features? (i.e. reflection, bump. ecc...)

I kno it seem a strange question, but sometime for non-game this is a very usefull feature to render correctly meshes with reversed faces... that now are just holes in unity3d :(


Please, any feedback by Unity Guys? :)

No it uses Backface culling like the legacy shaders.
Just duplicate the mesh without moving the position and flip the normals to the other side.

Hello nipoco, thanks for your answer.

I understand your idea, but would be great to have a solution that work in the "render-phase" and don't require to manage directly this type of meshes.

When you visualize CAD files you have to manage very big geometry.

I understand is not a priority for Unity5 but I hope in the near future Unity team will help also non-game users :)

I think the general requirement for such thing is low so you probably need to do it yourself with the shader sources if you really need it

Disabling backface culling in the shader should be relatively easy. At least once there is some kind of documentation about editing the standard shader, which is what quite a few people are actually waiting for.

I am not a shader guru, but just disable backface culling is not enough to have a full feature shader (i.e. with bump or reflective map).
I have tried.
So I fear that with pbr shader is more complex.


Download the built-in shaders, copy the Standard or StandardSpecular shader into your project, then add the "Cull Off" flag to the passes with the names "FORWARD" or "DEFERRED" (there are three total).