Standard Shader Decals?

I’m trying to apply a transparent decal such as an emblem, or a facemap to my character. If anyone has used the Legacy/Decal shader, that’s basically what I’m trying to achieve, but with the more up to date, standard shader.

I’ve tried several different things, but I keep running into problems, such as the rest of the character turning black where the alpha/transparency should be. Or having the color of the decal be tinted as well when the albedo color is changed.

Is there a modified standard shader that supports this? Or maybe there’s another way I can achieve this?

You can use the Detail Albedo slot for a decal texture. If you wish, this texture can use the UV2 channel (useful for thigns like a tiny skin pore normal map overlaid over the main skin texture. The User Manual for the Standard Shader has further information.