Standard shader reflection distance bug?


I’m making a game where there is a day/night cycle (just using the default dynamic skybox and rotating the sun) and I’m using an all encompassing reflection probe (located at <0, 100, 0>, with a “Box Size” of <10000, 10000, 10000>, and yes I do need objects that far away to be affected as my game is set on the ocean where you can see waves that need to reflect the correct time of day skybox from miles away) that is set to update every frame to update the reflections to reflect the current time of day (so that at night my water and glass don’t reflect a mid-day looking skybox).

However, I’ve run into a problem:
What’s happening is that in the editor everything looks just as it’s supposed to.
But when I build my game I see the skybox reflection on the water ending just a few meters away from the camera (see the highlighted are of the screenshot)!

I’ve already tried to change the render type of the water’s standard shader form “Fade” to “Opaque” (as I was previously experimenting with transparency) and I’ve also tried cutting up the model I use for the waves form a 10000 meter long stripe to several 1000 meter long stripes, but nothing I do seems to change anything.

What’s going on here?
Does anybody else have this issue?
How can I fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks!

Since writing the original post I have been unable to fix the issue or ascertain what’s causing it.
Could this somehow be related to the camera’s clipping distances? Or perhaps the size of the wave objects themselves?
I would truly appreciate any help/pointers that might aid in figuring this thing out.
Many Thanks!

I am having the same problem… Does anyone know a fix?