Standard Sizes for player

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to know, in general, what would the standard size for player be?

My character controller is 6 high and 0.96 in radius. The tiling I use with the standard Unity grass textures is 3x3.

Too big, too small, or doesn't it matter?

"Mass The weight of the object in kilograms. It is recommended to make masses not more or less than 100 times that of other Rigidbodies."

"Unity's default unit scale is 1 unit = 1 meter, so the scale of your imported mesh is maintained, and applied to physics calculations. For example, a crumbling skyscraper is going to fall apart very differently than a tower made of toy blocks, so objects of different sizes should be modeled to accurate scale."

"If you are modeling a human make sure he is around 2 meters tall in Unity. To check if your object has the right size compare it to the default cube. You can create a cube using GameObject->Create Other->Cube. The cube's height will be exactly 1 meter, so your human should be twice as tall."

Maybe help with the sizes...

Good luck!

Edit: Sorry, for the textures, I think that all depends on the resolution, quality, and everything... If you have a huge 4000+ pixel by 4000+ pixel texture, I'd think it could be used more... But I'm not 100 on this, makes sense to me though.

All things are relative. :-)

The sizes of your scene and models are measured in game units. Unity default unit is one meter. But this could also be meters or feet or whatever. Also the weight of an object is only a number. All you have to care about is to find the right relation between size, texture resolution, mass, forces etc… (A lot of fine tuning is required to get the right “feeling”.)

So yes, in theory it doesn't matter.

But starting with “real world” values and the right scale makes life much easier.

Too big, unless you're making a giant mech monster.

The units in Unity3D are meters. So your character should be somewhere between 1.6m to 2.2m tall and similarly you can get a proper radius. If you don't respect the units 1 unit = 1 meter, then you will have problems with physics and audio since they are based on this scale.

I am not sure about the asset store and such, but if I bought assets I'd be quite happy if they were standardized to this convention so I don't have to rescale bought art.