Star Skybox and rotating camera

Hi, I’m trying to use a star skybox and a rotating camera, but when the camera starts rotating, the smallest stars start to flicker really fast and it gets very annoying.
Why does this happen and how would I have to fix it?

Look at the comment from @Benjamen247 and the main camera fix; this might be responsible for the flicker.

It could be we just need to apply a blur to the skybox images…

I was able to correct the flickering by blurring the images. You’ll have to play with it in gimp or photoshop. I blurred it then combined it with the original image in additive mode, then blurred it again with a smaller radius. It looks good, only I’ll now have to add twinkling somehow, which is funny because the aliasing was almost convincing as twinkling, but the stars would twinkle together in groups, which was unacceptable.