Start a project

I am just new here and I want to ask on what are the basic procedures in starting a 3d game. What should I do first. I also know how to create some designs in blender.
Please give me some suggestions so that I will be able to create my first 3d game. Thanks!

I suggest you to find some videos from media sharing sites, videos like :

How to create an fps game in unity3d ?
How to…

I mean , you should watch tutorials about unity3d step by step, learning the basics. And then when you want to do something, search it here, or Unity Manual. ( In editor, Help>Unity Manual)

And also starting with JavaScript will be good for the beginning.

I think this is more for the Unity Forums, instead of the Unity Answers, because this is more a discussion question. Go on the forums, there are similar questions. Also, if you’re new to Unity, before you start a project, learn HOW to use Unity. One great question is: How can I start learning Unity Fast. I really recommend you look at that question because it will certainly make game design easier. I hope this helps.

Good Luck

Game Design is a totally different discipline to game development. Game design consists of so many aspects, lots of documentation, learning how to organize and present your ideas in a professional way.

Then, as an indie designer, you would most likely need a team with you to help with the development (unless your truly dedicated / nuts in my opinion. :slight_smile: ) to help with the development.

You need to research the points i have made, from what documentation you need, how to organize it and finally how to present it. Then you will need to research the skills needed for managing a software development team. This is really only scratching the surface but you will be on the right track at least.

Morale of this answer: Making games isn’t easy, neither is designing them professionally. If you go into it thinking it is, you’ll fail. Go into it knowing that it isn’t easy, do something about it. Then you increase your chances of succeeding.