Start FPS player off with no weapon

I've been trying to start my FPS player off with no weapon. I need him to start off where there is a shot gun on the wall that he can pickup and equip. I added an empty game object to my

First Person controller

   -Main Camera


Which seems to work ok, unless you press fire and then you get a error message.

BroadcastMessage Fire has no receiver! UnityEngine.Component:BroadcastMessage(String) PlayerWeapons:Update() (at Assets/WeaponScripts/PlayerWeapons.js:13)

I know why but not sure how to fix it so when I have no weapon it's not able to fire. Unless I make it fire nothing and cause no damage to anything, I suppose that might work but it seems to me there is most likely a more proper way to do this?


I put a script on the "NoWeapon" empty game object:

function Fire()


And that got rid of the error because the broadcast fire now has a receiver now, but like I say there is probably a more proper way of doing this?

make it BroadcastMessage(“Fire”, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
add that and the error will go away

change the broadcast message to BroadcastMessage(“Fire”, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

it will work i had the same problem