Start uncompiled application with parameters (in Editor)


I want to know it, for test my custom parameters…

I’m making a system of parameters, and I don’t want be building it only for test if it works…

My custom parameters are (only one):

		Dictionary<string, string> argumentos = new Dictionary<string, string>();

		string[] arguments = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs();
		foreach(string arg in arguments)
			cmdInfo += arg.ToString() + "

argumentos.Add(arg.Substring(1, arg.IndexOf(” “) - 1), arg.Substring(arg.IndexOf(” “) + 1, arg.Length - arg.IndexOf(” ") - 1));

		bool fS = Convert.ToBoolean(Convert.ToInt32(argumentos["fullscreen"]));

		Screen.fullScreen = fS;

Thanks in advance.

I read your question and your script twice and still have no idea what you are trying to do or why. Sorry…

However, it sounds like what you want is ExecuteInEditMode.

Does that do it?