Starter assets turning speed

I am currently making a game with unity 2021 starter assets first person controller for android, but the turning speed for joystick changes all the time on different devices with different framerates, I have tried limiting framerates, but that does not help, would there be a way that I could switch to swipe or fix this joystick error.
this is the code
private void CameraRotation()
// if there is an input
if (_input.look.sqrMagnitude >= _threshold)
//Don’t multiply mouse input by Time.deltaTime
float deltaTimeMultiplier = IsCurrentDeviceMouse ? 1.0f : Time.deltaTime;

			_cinemachineTargetPitch += _input.look.y * RotationSpeed * deltaTimeMultiplier;
			_rotationVelocity = _input.look.x * RotationSpeed * deltaTimeMultiplier;

			// clamp our pitch rotation
			_cinemachineTargetPitch = ClampAngle(_cinemachineTargetPitch, BottomClamp, TopClamp);

			// Update Cinemachine camera target pitch
			CinemachineCameraTarget.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(_cinemachineTargetPitch, 0.0f, 0.0f);

			// rotate the player left and right
			transform.Rotate(Vector3.up * _rotationVelocity);

You have not shown a code for turning, but my guess would be to multiply speed by Time.deltaTime this might help you achieve same speed result in all devices.