Startign to familiarize myselft to Unity 4, should I wait for Unity 5?

As the title says I want to learn to use Unity and I am wandering if I should wait for Unity 5 or can I start now and what I learn in Unity 4 can be quickly transferred to Unity 5.

I am a occasional learner, by that I mean I don't spend 20-40 hrs. a week on the tutorial, currently its more 1-2 hours a week.

No, there's plenty for you to learn about Unity and development in general. Anything you learn can be applied or translated to Unity 5.

In general new releases mean more for experienced users. Beginners will not see that much difference.

Besides, as soon as 5.0 comes out 5.1 will be just on the horizon. You will enter an infinite loop of awaiting the next release and never learn anything.

That's why it took me so long to get an iPhone. My cycle was never in sync with Apple's and I was aways waiting for the next one to come out.