Starting a project(I'm a beginner..)

Hi, I'd like to create a fps game, and since I'm new to Unity, I've been using the tutorial for Fps shooters. I read through it but I'm stuck on the first part. I understand the download part but not the rest. -Download, unzip, and open the project folder in Unity. -Import the Standard Assets Unity Package from your Standard Packages folder where Unity is installed. After importing, you will see Unitys built in "Standard Assets" in the Project Panel. When we create new assets, its best to put them in folders that group them according to their function, e.g. Rocket, Explosion, Audio , etc.

Could anyone explain to me what this means and what to do? Thanks!

As for asset importing

Also check out these video tutorials at They're great to learn from if you're a beginner.

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links to my youtube channel were you can find the tutorials: link text