Starting a project in 2021.2?

Hey guys!
We are starting a new project on Unity that should last for approximately a year and half. We were wondering how risky it was to start the project on 2021.2 since it is a Beta version, and we never faced this situation.

We would like to use this version since it supports URP12 which has a lot of awaited features, but can't really figure out how dangerous it would be to dive into a beta version.

Will it be hard to upgrade to the official version once it is released? Any guess on when it might release approximately? Are beta versions stable enough to start producing or should we use the latest LTS and sacrifice the new URP features?

Thanks a lot!

PS: I don't know if it is the right section to post, please don't hesitate to move my post or tell me if I'm at the wrong place.

Disclaimers aside, if you need the features, I'd go for it. You should be able to straightforwardly update to a stable version.

(but don't listen to me, I'm on 2022.1.0a)

Update to newer release is very easy
If current beta for You is OK that you can start with it and mostly seamlessly update to release and LTS

It will be release this year may be somewhere in middle November
And it will be LTS around March-May 2022
And it will be Good stable LTS around September 2022 like Unity 2020 now :)

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Do you need any 2021.2 specific features? Maybe they can be reproduced in a stable version. If URP features are a must then I see no REAL problem going for this as it's quite late in the beta now.