Starting a Tap game

hey I’m trying to create a tap game… my reference is this game:

if anyone can help me get started, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to find out how to create the block system (if that makes sense) in the game. Please help!!

If you can help explain to me what’s happening and possibly how to create a similar product of the 2 columns of sprites that move simultaneously when a button is pressed would be greatly helpful, thank you again.

If your intention is just to make a clone of what looks like a pretty generic and simple freemium game that someone knocked out quickly in the hope of making some easy money then you should probably at least put some minimal effort into research before asking for help.

All that game appears to be doing is instantiating one of three random sprites when a button is touched, moving the sprites down the screen, destroying them at the bottom and adding them to a score until the time runs out. I’d say those are your starting points but really that’s everything you need… beside the popups nagging the player to waste more money of course.

To be honest, i spent like 3 hours just trying to figure out how they lined up everything and how it was a scroll for the sprites, i guess is what they are. I did try n research, but like i said I’m just very new to this. so regardless, i appreciate you taking the time to answer this, and I apologize if I offended you @Fredex8 by any means. I really did try to find it out for myself, the concept of the 2 columns of sprites that move simultaneously is still what is deceiving me. But thank you again!