Starting and stop script simultaneously with Play/Pause Button of a video

For a school project I have to track the eye-behaviour of participants in VR via Eye-Tracking. I integrated some Videos into Unity which contain different tasks. The Video is controlled by a simple Play/Pause Button. I also have a SaveData script that saves the tracked Data of the eye-behaviour in a csv file.
Since I don’t want an abundance of tracked Data, I wanted to know if it’s possible to start and stop the SaveData script simultaneously with the Play/Pause Button of the Video.

Due to the fact that I am very new to c# and Unity I have no clue what functions might bring me the planned outcome.

I hope somebody can help me, I would be really thankful.

Okay, I found out myself. ^^

This is the Code I needed

 public void OnOff()
GetComponent<NewRecording>().enabled = !GetComponent<NewRecording>().enabled;

Since a Script can be seen as a Coponent you can just write a script that is enabling and disabling it.
The Script has to be attached to the same object as the script that you want to Control. And the you can just Connect it with a Button.