Starting Arsenal in multiplayer


My game is a bit special, because the players “physically” wearing his weapon during the game. It means when Player spawns, his weapon must be spawning together with the player. It works fine with 1 player, but when a client joining (with same weapon) he gets 2 weapon prefab on his body.

The actual method is: in the “Start()” function there is a Cmd_Starting_Arsenal command. In the “Cmd_Starting_Arsenal()” function there are the Instantiate & NetworkServer.Spawn lines.

When I tried to find the problem I made a version where a Key activating the “Cmd_Starting_Arsenal()” function: I noticed if ServerPlayer starting “Cmd_Starting_Arsenal ()” function before the Client joins, The Client also gets the weapon when he joins.
In the last 3 days I tried everything but without success, any help would be great!


Solved. Forget to try the isLocalPlayer param