Starting with a Unity

How to start to work with a Unity?
Should i learn first C# or Java and then start or?

Hi there,

First of all, welcome to Unity! It’s a fantastic game engine with a very active and helpful community.

Second of all: C#, C#, C#!!! UnityScript is not a language outside of Unity - and any good developer learns a language that they can use cross-platform. But learn it the Unity way - instead of MDSN. See below…


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Just getting started with Unity? Click here!

I know you think that the engine tutorials are going to be a waste of time. Maybe you’re a developer already, or maybe you just feel that you are advanced enough to jump right into coding.

There’s little use in trying to convince you otherwise, but please click the link if that is the case. You’re going to get a huge jump-start on everyone else if you follow along with the tutorials and learn the API with the resources that Unity provides. There is almost no fluff to these tutorials, and you will quickly see that Unity devs (as well as the community) helps those who help themselves.

Wishing you best of luck on your game and your future of game development with Unity :slight_smile: