Static batching after scripted animated scaling of objects?

I have a scene with lots of trees in it, they are all static without any animations or so. But they are only visible at certain stages. First there is a 2D map of the landscape but when one clicks on a button the landscapes morphs into a 3D mesh, I do this by simply scaling the mesh in Y from 0 to 1 in code with a Lerp function in a coroutine. A do the same with the threes, so that they pop up from the ground. The question is can I use static batching on all these trees? Or does this scripted animation of the trees break the static batching so that it will not work. I’ve tried it out, and I don’t get any error from Unity, but perhaps the function is not working properly and not giving the performance boost from static batching but without giving me any error message?

Static batched objects cannot move, rotate, or scale. An explanation of how batching works is at Unity - Manual: Draw call batching

However, once your morph animation has completed (assuming your trees are not going to move again) you could call StaticBatchingUtility.Combine to create a new batch at runtime.