Static batching doesn't reduce draw call

I found that the static batching works but doesn’t reduce the draw calls. The test scene has 12 boxes with same material in the scene. The image 1 is dynamic batching, after batching the draw call is only 2. And then I activated the static flag of 12 boxes to activate static batching. From image 2 we can see that the batch works but draw call doesn’t reduce. So is there anyone can give me a idea?

This might come in handy for someone in the future…

I had a problem like this recently. My scene’s Batching was too high and I found that I needed to actually combine the meshes in my scene, instead of just relying on Static Batching… Fortunately I found a plugin that allowed me to combine the meshes in my scene and reduce the amount of meshes in the scene. The amount of Batching was also reduced to just a few dozen and that tripled my game performance. Maybe this will help someone, here is the link to the plugin: Easy Mesh Combiner MT - Scene Mesh Merge, Atlasing Support & More | Game Toolkits | Unity Asset Store