Static batching seems not applied on shadow texture rendering pass

When I use static batching and have, say, 64 same objects, all of them are rendered via one DIP (Draw() call in terms of DirectX). This is verified via PIX. But when shadows are on, I've got two more rendering passes in which batching is not used (all objects are rendered separately). Also verified via PIX. This means that static batching is not so efficient as it could be. So the question is: does anybody know some magic "switch" for this (a variable to set)? Or maybe you definitely know that it is "right" behaviour for Unity, that coundn't be improved.

I have verified the same problem still exists in Unity Pro 3.4.2f2.

I assume this is a bug as I can not see a reason why batching shouldn’t work during the shadow pass. Batching could work even better because, theoretically, even objects with different materials could be batched together under certain circumstances.

Maybe someone should file a bug report.