Static Coroutine being called endlessly

So I needed a StartCoroutine in a static method, however since this is not possible I stumbled across a StaticCoroutine script (found here:, original credits to user @whydoidoit).

The function I need to call makes the character turn towards another character he just walked to.
It is being called like this in my static IEnumerator method:

public static IEnumerator doWalkingAction() {
		if (subject._noun == "player") {
			if (npcNames.Contains(direct._noun.ToLower())) {
				bool walkingNotDone = true;
				while (walkingNotDone) {
					if (playerObj.GetComponent<AgentWalker>().arrivedOrNot()) {
						npcObj = GameObject.Find(direct._noun.ToLower());
						StaticCoroutine.DoCoroutine(turnToFaceSmoothly(playerObj.transform, npcObj.transform));
						walkingNotDone = false;
					} else {
						yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.5f);
				yield return null;
		} else {

And the code of ‘turnToFaceSmoothly’ looks like this:

public static IEnumerator turnToFaceSmoothly (Transform targetThatWalks, Transform targetToLookAt) {
while (Vector3.Dot (targetThatWalks.forward, (targetToLookAt.position - targetThatWalks.position).normalized) < 0.95f) {
	Vector3 dir = targetToLookAt.position - targetThatWalks.position;
	targetThatWalks.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(targetThatWalks.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(dir), 5f * Time.smoothDeltaTime);
	targetThatWalks.eulerAngles = new Vector3(0f, targetThatWalks.eulerAngles.y, 0f);

	yield return null;

When running my game, I noticed that this turnToFaceSmoothly method gets called non-stop, giving of course a very undesirable result!

Why does it do this? Thank you in advance for anyone who can help

You are starting the coroutine in another coroutine named doWalkingAction. Maybe, doWalkingAction is being started multiple times. Pls make sure it’s not started constantly like in an update event. Please copy/paste where you start doWalkingAction coroutine.

Oh hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I will admit that post is a little old and honestly I try not to make static co-routines unless I really have to because, as you see here, it can get messy.

I think I can see the issue. You keep calling the static co-routine turnToFaceSmoothly while (walkingNotDone). turnToFaceSmoothly has its own contained while loop so calling it continually is going to cause issues.

Instead, try turning turnToFaceSmoothly into a static void method and turn the while loop into an if statement e.g.

public static void turnToFaceSmoothly (Transform targetThatWalks, Transform targetToLookAt) 
   if(Vector3.Dot (targetThatWalks.forward, (targetToLookAt.position - targetThatWalks.position).normalized) < 0.95f)

You also need a yield return (null or otherwise) contained in all your co-routine while loops that you want to run simultaneously with your other code. Simply, yield return allows the co-routine to wait until a target frame to continue running e.g. yield return null waits for the next frame. If you don’t include it then the while loop will run and try to complete all in the same frame.

I hope I’ve been of some help. And thanks again for using my blog =D