Static member cannot be accessed

Hi, I have this in script#1:

public static  int Usetype = 0;

and this line I have in script #2:

public int type = 0;

Namebuild.GetComponent<UseMainBuildType>().Usetype = type;

The last on gives an error: Static member `UseMainBuildType.Usetype’ cannot be accessed with an instance reference, qualify it with a type name instead
I saw similar questions and solutions but they are some different and I can’t use them

Static members belong to the class itself and not to an instance of that class. GetComponent retrieves a reference to an instance. To access a static member you only need to use the class name:

    UseMainBuildType.Usetype = type;

Keep in mind that since static members don’t belong to a specific instance, the variable only exists once and is shared between all instances of that class.

I am using same but its working…
See Class First

public class test1 : MonoBehaviour {
    public static int a = 1;

and Class Second

public class test2 : MonoBehaviour {
	void Start () {
	  if(test1.a == 1)