Static var Question?

Why is it when i declare something as a static var the values inside the inspector disappear. Is there a way to keep them in the inspector so i can see them always? and edit them if needs be in the inspector?

I don’t know any decent way to make static vars appear in the Inspector, but I use a trick to get somewhat similar results. If I want to adjust some parameter while in the Editor, I use a public var and assign its value to my static var in Update. If I want to watch some static var in the editor, I assign its value to the public variable in Update:

  var color1: Color =; // Inspector var
  static var sColor1: Color; // its static version
  var qEnemies: int;  // Inspector var to be watched
  static var sQEnemies: int; // static version
  // in Update:
    sColor = color1;  // update static from Inspector
    qEnemies = sQEnemies;  // update Inspector from static