Status of baked particles in MR

I wanted to see if there are still additional improvements coming to the baked particle systems. With 1.0.3 it fixed most of the pink textures with particles that had delays or were re-emmited later. But there are still occasions where they will occasionally emit pink textures. Usually when there is heavy cpu activity. Are there updates that will address the these?

At the very least it would be more desirable if a particle or particle system was going to fail it failed to transparent (or simply didn’t emit) rather than the striped pink textures. (I am actually seeing this in other games that been posted the App Store/Arcade)


If you can submit a repro project and let us know the incident number (IN-#####), it would help us identify the issue.

IN-67596, sample project and description included. Basically it is the same issue as the one in 0.7.1 just less frequent, even has the same log errors:

Execution of the command buffer was aborted due to an error during execution. Insufficient Permission (to submit GPU work from background) 

Dunno if this has been reported already, but I have seen the exact same thing happen in a couple of games in the Spatial section of the App Store on device.

Thanks! That makes the issue very apparent. We should be able to fix this in a subsequent release.

(Also, cool particle effect!)

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If I may add to this, having some hybrid mode would be really useful. Particle systems right now are painful to work with if, like me, you need a lot of them at the same time and baking makes it unusable. So I would like to have most of them on the replication method, but on specific effects I would like to have them baked. Maybe a script to add on the GO that sets that one as a more complex, and as so, baked?

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This is definitely on our radar, though we don’t have a timeline yet.

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I realize the nested spheres is a bit odd, but instantiated prefabs with a deep hierarchy causes a cpu hit when mirroring them to polyspatial. Seemed like quick and dirty way to simulate the impact. :man_shrugging:
Thanks for the quick update!