Steady FPS on Android. How can I achieve it? Profile analysis.


I am really trying to build my first game on Android and I am still kind of new to Unity. I don’t really understand the profiler’s data. I want to achieve steady fps (60 is ofc desired) but so far without any luck. It seems to me that no matter what I do, I am always getting this spiking fps.
Here are the measures that I have taken so far:

  • 1.Reduce the Resolution of the textures to a minimum.
  • 2.Don’t use any lights.
  • 3.Decrease vertex count. Now is about 7k in the scene.
    1. I am using the Lightweight Pipeline and the Unlit shader.
  • 5.No postprocessing stuff.

I will be forever grateful if someone can help me with this problem. I have invested so much time by now without any progression.

PS. If you need further info, I will be happy to provide.

UPDATE: In order to cap the fps I disabled V-Sync (strange I know). But turning on vsync did not cap anything at all on android. (It was giving me an approximation not hard values). After disabling vsync I set Application.targetFrameRate to desired value in update method.

Try visiting player settings->resolution and presentation, turn off the 32 bit display buffer - see if that impact anything.