Stealth AI?

Hi, I’m working on a horror project, and have experimented with some AI i made, very crappy. I am not very good with AI so I have come to the community to ask for some pointers and some examples for a first person stealth AI, using sight and sound(sound is not that important). Any help? Javascript please.

If you’re going for a first person horror game, which seems to be at least an ambitious project, I guess you should rather try to use C# instead of Javascript, it seems that it suits more Unity Engine design on substantially big project. (just saying)

One thing I use a lot in my IA, is the Vector3.distance and Mathfs.angle which can compare player and enemy position, their respective orientations, and trigger different reaction for the enemy depending on those parameters.

I must say it’s probably super tricky to create a stealth AI. It might be wiser to use Scripted behavior and Level Design to make your game. Making a real AI is hard, particularly in horror games.

Alright I figured it out, case closed. (I always wanted to say that)