stealth Frezz when "hit&" play bttn

hey guys sorry for my poor english but i hope u can help me pleas .

could you tell me whats my error and show me how can i fix it pleas!!!

  void Awake ()
          leftOuterDoor = GameObject.Find("door_exitouter_left_001").transform;
          rightOuterDoor = GameObject.Find("door_exitOuter_right_001").transform;
          leftInnerDoor = GameObject.Find("door_exitInner_left_001").transform;
          rightInnerDoor = GameObject.Find("door_exitInner_right_001").transform;
          leftClosedPosX = leftInnerDoor.position.x;
          rightClosedPosX = rightInnerDoor.position.x;
      void MoveDoors (float newLeftXTarget, float newRightXTarget)
          float newX = Mathf.Lerp(leftInnerDoor.position.x, newLeftXTarget, doorSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
          leftInnerDoor.position = new Vector3(newX, leftInnerDoor.position.y, leftInnerDoor.position.z);
          newX = Mathf.Lerp(rightInnerDoor.position.x, newRightXTarget, doorSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
          rightInnerDoor.position = new Vector3(newX, rightInnerDoor.position.y, rightInnerDoor.position.z);
      public void DoorFollowing ()
          MoveDoors(leftOuterDoor.position.x, rightOuterDoor.position.x);

One of your objects is likely not being found, check the names to the objects in the scene. You have outer spelt with both capital and lower case o’s in your Gameobject.Find code.