Stealth programming

Hi. First timer here… Since in my town there aren`t many programmers, or people willing to be good, i am learning all by my self. The thing is, I have Unity 5.2 . Is the stealth tutorial compatible with 5.2? i know it is written for 4x only, but I know my way around modeling, so assets are not a problem for me. I am in doubt more around coding, since it is written 4X ONLY.

Thanks, :slight_smile:

I downloaded the project and it did work with little problems.

Unity will upgrade the project for you. And the only errors where about Mesh triggers has to be convex.
If you run the completed scene, just click the error and it will highlight the object in the scene. And click the convex box.

Did not try it extensively.
You will also need to bake the Navigation mesh, but you need to do that in 4 as well.

Thanks man, really, thanks, :slight_smile:
I will star it now, Thanks